Walkabout Tag - Set of 4

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A set of four Geo-what?'s signature trackable tags, featuring Bluey, the geocaching kangaroo!
These Walkabout Tags act just like their official travel bug counterparts - each one has its own tracking number, and you can attach the tag to whatever you want and release it into the wild. They're great if you're planning on sending your trackable overseas; what better way to show you're an Aussie!

The Walkabout TAGs feature "Bluey" the Geo-What? kangaroo mascot, and are a Geo-what? exclusive.

Set of 4 is great for having your own trackable race! It contains one Walkabout Tag of each colour. The included bonus is a matching Pathtag (only available by ordering a Set of 4 Walkabout Tags!).

More Information
Dimensions: 50mm x 30mm
Trackable on Geocaching.com?Yes, with custom icon
Activation code: Available here
Engraveable? No