About Geo-what?

Our Mission

Family owned and home operated, Geo-what? strives to bring evil nanos and naughty micros to an urban hide near you, and shiny geocoins and trackables to distract and amuse.

Our History

"Moving to Australia, eh? You should open a geostore. They don't really have anyone local."

Words from a dear friend that started a journey here in Australia far different than the original plan of "Move Down under and get a cubicle job."

Geo-what? first appeared at the local Canberran events in late 2008, and opened it's internet presence in early 2009.

FTF Kangaroo

The little guy in our logo is Bluey, a little red kangaroo that clutches his GPSr tightly as he races to go get that freshly published geocache. ZOOM! I think he has more FTFs than I do!

From all of us at Geo-what? - Thank you and Happy Caching!