Groundspeak Travel Bug

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The original, official Groundspeak Travel Bug! Perfect for making your own geocaching adventures.
A Groundspeak Travel Bug* is a unique tracking tag that you can attach to items and give them goals for others to try and complete! They are the original geocaching trackable, popular with geocachers the world over.

Each Travel Bug comes as a pair; one bug gets attached to an item (or on its own) and the other is a copy that you can hold on to. Travel Bugs have a unique tracking number stamped into the metal tag. The tag was designed for durability.

More Information
Dimensions: 50mm x 30mm
Trackable on
Activation code: Available here
Engraveable? No
-The "Travel Bug" and the Travel Bug design logo are registered Trademarks of Groundspeak Inc. Used with Permission. All rights Reserved.