Firetacks - 4D Trail Markers - Firefly

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Bright yellow cube shaped reflectors, to let you set up trails for great night caches!

A simple and effective way to mark a trail for a night cache!

FireTacks™ 4D Trail Markers are a simple push pin, with a cube shaped head covered in high quality 3M commercial grade prismatic reflective material. The reflective material is "Retro-Reflective" and both the material and the reflectivity will last for up to ten years. FireTacks™ are proven to be up to 10 times as bright as any other trail markers. FireTacks™ are over 500 times as bright in wet weather like rain, fog, and morning dew conditions. Ordinary trail tacks virtually disappear in these same conditions! FireTacks™ can be placed much further apart then ordinary tacks because of their incredible reflective qualities at great distances.

The Firefly colour is bright orange, allowing them to be seen easily in the daytime, as well as at night.

The metal pins are coated to resist rust, and some have even been in action in some areas over ten years and are still going strong. (We do recommend checking them regularly as they have been known to attract the attention of possums and birds.)

Each pack includes 25 4D FireTacks™ Trail Markers.

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