Travel Tag - 32 Point Compass Rose

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This bright trackable tag features an old school nautical map compass rose.
The design of this compass rose came from a map made in 1558 outlining the west coast of southern North America, Mexico, and northern South America. Many old maps display several small compass rose designs, such as this one, in several spots to help mariners gain their bearing as they move from one location on the map to another. This trackable tag continues a tradition of commemorating compass roses from the past.

Big enough to be noticeable, but small enough to fit in 35mm containers, this tag is made from aluminium and comes with a 90mm chain to allow you to attach it to your souvenir. With its bright enamel colouring, it can easily be seen attached to a traveling item or when traveling alone.

Visit to learn more about the navigation series of geocoins and compass roses.

More Information
Dimensions: 29mm x 29mm
Trackable on, with custom icon
Activation code: Available here
Engraveable? No
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