Technology Tag - Blue

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Trackable tag with a unique QR code on the back that takes you directly to the trackable's page on!

One of the biggest hassles about logging trackables is having to manually enter the tracking number into the website, right? Don't you wish there was a simpler way, in this day and age?

Well, now there is!

Each of these Technology Tags functions just like a regular trackable tag; each one has a unique tracking number and you can attach them to whatever you want to. The difference is that on the back of each tag is a special QR code, which - when scanned - will take you directly to the logging page for that trackable!

In this era of internet enabled smartphones, this is a great timesaver!

More Information
Dimensions: 28mm x 50mm
Trackable on
Activation code: Available here
Colour: Blue
Engraveable? No