Iridescent Dreams - Geo-what? Version

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Designed by Tsunrisebey Designs and exclusive to Geo-what? Geo-stuff!, this beautiful dragonfly geocoin can also be worn as a necklace.
A stunning dragonfly shaped geocoin designed and minted by Tsunrisebey Designs. With its black and gold colouring inspired by Australian dragonflies, the Iridescent Dreams - Geo-what? version is a Geo-what? Geo-stuff! exclusive!

Dragonflies can be found the world over, and are among the fastest insects in the world. To some Native American cultures, they represented swiftness and activity. In Japanese culture, the dragonfly is seen as a symbol of courage, strength and happiness. This Iridescent Dreams geocoin can be a symbol of your geocaching success!

As with most Tsunrisebey creations, there's a hole in this geocoin so you can turn it into an attractive pendant, sure to attract attention!

More Information
Dimensions: 48mm x 45mm and 3mm thick.
Trackable on, with custom icon
Activation code: Available here
Colour: Black & Gold
Engraveable? No