Geocaching License Geocoin - Gold

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Have you ever wished you had an official licence to go geocaching? Now you can!

These credit card sized Geocaching Licences are made from solid metal and plated in 24 carat gold. On the front, they have the logo, room to engrave your own name, and a unique tracking number to allow people to log your licence on

On the back is a wealth of information that could be useful in the field. It has the alphabet arranged in two rows, to allow you to manually decode ROT13 clues. Beneath that, it has the alphabet in both the Pigpen cipher, and Braille. It also has the numerals in both Braille and binary.

More Information
Dimensions: 84mm x 48mm
Trackable on
Activation code: Available here
Plating:24 carat Gold
Engraveable? Yes